I run on beer and so can you!

I started running competitively in my senior year of high school when a friend of mine convinced me to join our school’s cross country team. It turned out that I really enjoyed the sport which is probably why I also took his advice when he invited me over to his house to get drunk in his basement. This turned out to be my first real introduction to craft beer because instead of the typical case of Miller High Life that could be found at most high school parties, my friend had acquired a few cases of Victory Brewing’s Golden Monkey.

Once I moved down to Tampa for college, my choice of beer was largely a product of my college budget and my “favorite” beers exclusively featured those that could be found at gas stations and drug stores for $9.99 per 18pack. Surprisingly, as my beer intake increased, my running took a massive hit and I was relatively sedentary as an underclassman. Although Coors and Busch Light will always hold a special place in my heart, my life was changed when my friends and I stumbled into the local World of Beer. I immediately signed up as a loyalty member and quickly dove into the “Hop Head” culture, exploring any and all IPAs I could find on the menu.

Around the same time, my mom convinced me to sign up for my first half marathon. My mom has always been a runner, and was thrilled when I initially took up the sport. Although there have certainly been a few lapses in my training, the goal of eventually beating her records always brings me back (she ran a 1:36 in her first half marathon). I managed a sub-2 hour half in my first attempt, but I also had the misfortune of learning what an IT band is and how unforgiving it can be if not tended to and respected during training.

After 3 months of physical therapy, and a slightly longer hiatus from running, I moved up the coast to South Carolina for grad school. A buddy of mine there lent me a copy of Born to Run which inspired me to start over as a runner, and focus on correcting my form. I was able to relax more through running, rather than focussing solely on the competitive aspects. It was also in SC that I got into homebrewing and started delving further into the world of craft beer.

I started running as part of a team, and started drinking the same way which, in some obscure fashion, is probably what ultimately lead to the creation of I RUN ON BEER. I’m not a solo runner, I much prefer group runs (except on race day), and my favorite runs end at a bar or brewery, passing around a collection of unique brews to sample as a team. I am in no way an expert on running or beer, but I’m eager to learn and eager to grow the community of beer runners along the way. I RUN ON BEER because it brings people together!