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How to Start Running
Welcome to IRUNONBEER's guide on How to Start Running! My hope is that this guide will give you quick and straightforward tips on how to start building a running routine as fast as possible. I RUN ON BEER was created to help grow the community of "Beer Runner's," and running is often the more challenging half of that. I hope this guide makes it a bit easier for you![...more]

A Lesson in Running from Steven King
Steven King's books have become some of my favorite things to listen to on my runs. I can get so wrapped up in the characters and the stories that my long runs just drift by. This week, however, I learned something else from Steven King, a lesson about his writing process that I think translates into something I can improve about how I train.[...more]

10k Pacing
In case you missed my post from a few months ago, I registered for My First 10k this fall and with a little more than a month left to train, I realized that I haven't put any thought into my race day plan. I'll be running the Run Inspired 10k on October 15 in Winterthur, DE and I'm pumped to be running my first race at this distance back around the same trails I used to run in high school cross country.[...more]

Why We Run On Beer
Meet Craig Simpson, a fellow beer runner. I started the "Why We Run" series to feature other the beer runners to hopefully help grow the beer running community. Craig Simpson's got a great story to tell and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did![...more]

Beat the Heat
Within the last week or so it seems like the summer's hot temperatures have really been ramping up which has made it difficult for someone like me who runs in the afternoons. So, I decided to do some research on how to alleviate some of the downsides to summer runs and thought I’d share the five most helpful tips.[...more]

Visiting Great South Bay
For months now I've been hearing about Great South Bay Brewery but hadn't found time to make the trip until recently. I've sampled of few of their bottled beers when I've found them at my local distributor, but other than that I hadn't looked into them too much. Not for any particular reason, I just haven't ventured to many of the breweries of eastern Long Island. After being berated by colleagues and friends, however, I figured it was probably time I made the trip out.[...more]

OOfos Recovery Shoes
I received a pair of OOfos Recovery Sandals to test and am obsessed with them. OOfos are a line of recovery shoes designed specifically to focus on helping your feet and legs rest and rebuild after a tough run. They're patented OOfoam absorbs 37% more shock than traditional athletic shoes and are shaped to cradle your feet while encouraging natural motion while you walk. Check out my full review![...more]

Summer Hiatus
I may have missed a few weeks but I RUN ON BEER is back! Sorry for the brief hiatus but hopefully you all have been enjoying the summer as much as I have! As summer winds down, race season is fast approaching and my summer training has been going great so far. See what races I'm running, and get some registration discounts of your own in the full post. Cheers![...more]

Race Training Has Begun
As of Monday, July 10, I have officially begun training for the Rock 'n' Roll Montreal Half-Marathon which is a pretty big deal since I haven't trained for anything really this year. I've had a hard time sticking with training plans recently which has led to some pretty challenging half-marathon attempts. Since I signed up for the Rock 'n' Roll 3-pack tour pass this year, I know I've got two races left to go so I'm hoping this training period will go a little better than[...more]

Strava #MyMile
I heard about the Strava #MyMile sweepstakes early in the month and knew I had to give it a try. I’ve only been running long distance recently, and during training, I’ve been focusing on slower more comfortable runs to rebuild a solid base without risking injury. I knew I’d set some pretty solid mile times in high school but couldn’t tell you what they were, or[...more]

Lost in the Woods
This past weekend, I took to the woods in upstate New York for a weekend of camping and hiking with my friend Eric. What we were expecting to be a relaxing afternoon hike took a bizarre turn when we reached the end of the trail and realized we were 10 miles from camp with no cell signal and limited daylight. [...more]

XX2i Bahamas1 Review
Every runner who's ever gone on a run in the daylight (so most of us) knows the pain of trying to find a pair of sunglasses that are comfortable to run in. Before receiving the XX2i Bahamas 1 Sunglasses through Bib Rave, I had a pair of more casual shades that often bounced when I ran, didn't fit with my over-ear headphones, and fogged up frequently. For all of these reasons, I jumped at the chance to try out a new pair of sunglasses and XX2i did not disappoint![...more]

Global Running Day 2017
This past Global Running Day I, along with many others across the globe, went for a run. This year was different for me than years past; I felt more committed to celebrating and sharing the holiday with others. I immediately joined the Facebook groups, signed the online pledge, and started combing the internet for stories about what others were planning to do, and then I realized[...more]

Become a Morning Runner

I am not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination which is a constant struggle as a runner because, as other runners are always reminding me, mornings are THE BEST time to run. This poses a problem for someone like me because it takes me about an hour or two to really feel awake in the morning. Despite this, I've decided to give morning running a shot! Why am I putting myself through this? Two real reasons. First, people have been telling me FOREVER that your life becomes so much easier if you... [...more]

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