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How to Start Running
Welcome to IRUNONBEER's guide on How to Start Running! My hope is that this guide will give you quick and straightforward tips on how to start building a running routine as fast as possible. I RUN ON BEER was created to help grow the community of "Beer Runner's," and running is often the more challenging half of that. I hope this guide makes it a bit easier for you![...more]

Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler Review
I was so excited when I found out I was going to be testing the Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler to add to my gear collection. I use an Eagle Creek backpack for hiking and love it. Especially with all of the weekend race trips, I was in desperate need of a large and durable pack. Before we jump into the review, let's check out some of the features.[...more]

Rock 'n' Roll Vegas

I've officially closed out my 2017 race season after running the Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon on November 12. I'd initially signed up for the race as a "fun run" after my wife won a trip to Las Vegas. After performing much better than I'd expected in Montreal however, I'd decided to really push myself for a PR in Vegas. I'd never truly "raced" a half marathon so I was definitely feeling a bit anxious leading up to the race. Had an amazing weekend with friends and walked away with a new PR! What an awesome race.[...more]

Run Inspired 10k
I wasn't sure what to expect from my first 10k but I couldn't have asked for a better race. Great organization and communication throughout the run. Beautiful views on the course. Great beer at the finish. I could have easily spent the day at the finish-line celebration if the weather had been a little nicer but it made for a cooler race which I certainly can't complain about! This race will definitely be ranking high on my list for next year![...more]

Fun Run Box
Fun Run Box is a monthly subscription box for runners but with a unique twist. Every month, Fun Run Box sends subscribers a themed running box filled with gear, snacks, and a list of challenges to complete. Each runner is assigned a team and spends the month competing against other teams for a number of prizes. I had a blast testing September's Oktoberfest box and you can read all about it HERE

Skins Review
Over the last month, I've had the pleasure of testing out the Skins A400 full-length compression tights and if you follow me on Instagram, you already know how much use I've gotten from them and how helpful they've been with my half marathon training. Until now I've never invested in any kind of compression gear, the only tights I've worn[...more]

Rock n Roll Montreal
As the Rock n Roll Half Marathon approached, we got a little nervous when just a few days before the race, we received an email from Rock 'n' Roll detailing a weather-related update. Montreal was expecting unseasonable heat and humidity on race day so they had decided to cancel the marathon and move the half-marathon start time to an hour earlier (7:30 am). Over the next few days[...more]

A Lesson in Running from Steven King
Steven King's books have become some of my favorite things to listen to on my runs. I can get so wrapped up in the characters and the stories that my long runs just drift by. This week, however, I learned something else from Steven King, a lesson about his writing process that I think translates into something I can improve about how I train.[...more]

10k Pacing
In case you missed my post from a few months ago, I registered for My First 10k this fall and with a little more than a month left to train, I realized that I haven't put any thought into my race day plan. I'll be running the Run Inspired 10k on October 15 in Winterthur, DE and I'm pumped to be running my first race at this distance back around the same trails I used to run in high school cross country.[...more]

Why We Run On Beer
Meet Craig Simpson, a fellow beer runner. I started the "Why We Run" series to feature other the beer runners to hopefully help grow the beer running community. Craig Simpson's got a great story to tell and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did![...more]

Beat the Heat
Within the last week or so it seems like the summer's hot temperatures have really been ramping up which has made it difficult for someone like me who runs in the afternoons. So, I decided to do some research on how to alleviate some of the downsides to summer runs and thought I’d share the five most helpful tips.[...more]

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