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Set Adrift
So far this year I've had a lot more success keeping up with my running goals and not skipping workouts. Don't get me wrong, I'll still miss the occasional run if something comes up but I've been hitting my monthly mileage goals with relative ease. The last few weeks, however, that all went out the window. A lot of factors contributed to my lack of running, but I think the biggest overall factor was that my daily routine collapsed. I've been away the last couple of weekends and working extra hours at work so my time spent at home has[...more]

We Run On Beer

I started I RUN ON BEER to help grow and connect the community of Beer Runners across the globe. My hope is that our new "Why We Run On Beer" series will be an opportunity to highlight members of that community, and to allow them to share their unique stories. Who better to kick off the series than my friends Breanna and Caroline over at We Run On Beer![...more]

Tree House Brewing Company
Tree House Brewery wasn’t even on my radar until probably about a year ago. I know I’m behind the times on that one but I only recently moved back to the northeast so truthfully I just wasn’t as aware of the breweries up here. Once I moved to Long Island though, I really started to take notice and it seems like Tree House is all I see on social media now. Actual Tree House beers aside, it seems like half of the posts I scroll through on Instagram feature some kind of Tree House merchandise. So, several months ago, I decided to plan a trip[...more]

My First 10k
So this past week I crossed another item off my running bucket list (or I guess committed to crossing it off), I signed up for my first ever 10k. I'm not sure why I've put it off for so long, I just made the jump from 5ks to 10ks and I guess just haven't found a 10k that really caught my attention. Enter The Run Inspired 10k. The Run Inspired 10k supports[...more]

My (Slow) Road to Boston

There was one day a few years ago, I was working in Boston for the summer, and I'd had an idea. One day, I'd love to run the Boston Marathon. I'd never run a marathon, still haven't, but running through the streets of Boston, I couldn't help but dream. Then I looked up the qualifying times. For 2018, the qualifying time for my age group (18-34) is 3:05 which is just over a 7-minute mile. I very quickly set my sites on much lower goals, maybe New York one day! But as I sat talking to this Boston finisher, I felt the same drive, the same inspiration, the same curiosity start to creep up inside. Then he told me[...more]

AfterShokz Trekz Titanium Review
To give you a little backstory of how I found the headphones, I’d always run with earbuds but had a really hard time finding a pair that fit well. Usually, the bounce of the wire as I ran was enough to knock the earbuds loose. I knew I wanted a pair of BlueTooth headphones but was also having a hard time finding a pair that matched my price range. The other issue was most Bluetooth headphones I found were wireless earbuds so I was still worried about the fit. I heard about AfterShokz through the weekly live #BibChat on Twitter, and luckily even got[...more]

My Top 5 Podcasts

I used to be unable to run without my headphones blasting music along the way, especially during cross country practice, the music would get me motivated to push myself through practice in drills. After moving into longer distances, however, listening to music was frequently making me push too hard and I was gassing out before reaching my goal. Enter the world of podcasts and audio books. Since I ditched Eminem as my go-to running[...more]

Run in the Rain

I’m not sure what it is about running in the rain that’s so exciting, it’s virtually the same as running on any other day, just with a little more water. It’s certainly not a question of if you “can” run in the rain, sure you can, the question is “will” you run in the rain. I think for a lot of people the answer is no, or at least not outside. Maybe that’s why I enjoy it so much, you have the roads to yourself. Everything is quiet except for the[...more]

Balanced Beer Running
Even though there are studies that suggest beer may be good for you if consumed in moderation, pretty much everyone can agree if you’re drinking more than 6-7 per week, those benefits quickly disappear. That’s not to say that drinking more than that is bad for you (in moderation), it’s just not necessarily good for you either. It’s all about balance! I run because I enjoy it but I also don’t feel as bad having a beer with dinner when[...more]

The Elusive 1:36
My mom has been running since before I was born, and continues to amaze me with how many miles she puts in year after year. I was excited to have made it through 3 half marathons this past year, she’s been doing 3+ half marathons every year for the last 8 years not to mention the 5ks, 10ks, etc. Point being, she’s a runner, always has been, always will. Her story of her first half marathon is a bit different from mine. My mom’s first ever half marathon time remains her PR to this day, 1:36:09[...more]

New Beginnings
The end of February marked a pretty big milestone for me, I checked in my 500th unique beer on Untappd! Sipping a Collaboration No. 6 - Barrel-Aged Blend from Boulevard and Firestone Walker not only marked a significant achievement in my exploration of craft beer, it also...[...more]

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