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Booming Rollers
Say hello to my little friend, his name is Citra. This American hop variety is making its way across the country and in to hoppy ales in every brewery. Citra is known for fruity aromas, including grapefruit, citrus, and melon. This week I sampled its tropical goodness in Booming Rollers, by Modern Times Beer.[...more]



Goin' Coastal
As you would expect, there is a great tropical bouquet that dominates the nose. You can search to find some buttery and bready malt notes, but mainly pineapple and mango. Despite what your nose would lead you to believe, the initial sip is actually very much an IPA, that then [...more]

Emergency Drinking Beer
There’s an emergency – it’s hot as hell outside. Summer is officially upon us and it hit 97 degrees in Florida this past week, with feels like temps pushing 106. When it’s that hot the only thing in my emergency preparedness kit is a 6-pack of Emergency Drinking Beer by Wild Heaven Craft Beers.[...more]



This ale is brewed with plums that add a fruity and sweet character to the spicy yeast notes. There is also a tartness that you don’t find in most other saisons, something I find intriguing and delicious. Finally, there is a malty and buttery finish that brings everything together in [...more]

I recently made a trip to visit some friends in Atlanta and I was able to pick up some great beer from the state of Georgia. Over the next month I will be reviewing my loot, so here is week 1!
Rarely does a new brewery receive as much immediate fanfare and attention as has Creature Comforts Brewing Co. in Athens, Georgia. And having [...more]



What Gose Around...
Wandering the local beer aisles you may have noticed a ‘new’ style that is hard to say but nevertheless appearing more frequently. Gose (pronounced “goes-uh”) is in fact not new at all, and is a traditional German wheat beer that, until recently, was nearly forgotten. The brew is historically brewed with salt and coriander and is tart, light, and refreshing – perfect for [...more]

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