Start Running
I’ve stopped and restarted running quite a few times since I first started running cross country in high school. Sometimes I’m able to jump right back in with little or no push, and other times I have a harder time staying motivated, especially in the beginning. I’ve gotten much better over the years at finding ways to stick with it so I thought I’d share my most helpful tips! [...more]

Rock 'n' Roll NOLA
Let me start by saying, this is by far my favorite race. This was my third year traveling down to New Orleans for the Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon and I will definitely be headed down next March for number four. I first visited New Orleans with my church, as a high-school student, to volunteer with the rebuild effort after Hurricane Katrina. I fell in love with the city, the people, the food, the culture, and [...more]

Rock 'n' Roll Brooklyn
Now I have to say, this recap may be a bit brief, I took my time writing this report so my memory of the little things has faded a bit. Lining up in the corrals for RnR Brooklyn, I was a bit nervous, but not nearly as much as I had been in Philly. Maybe it was because I’d just run Philly so, at the very least, I knew I could finish, but lining up at the start, I was itching to go. As we crossed the start [...more]

Rock 'N' Roll Philly
After finishing Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans for the second time this past spring, I decided this would be the year that I really broke into the world of half marathons and it was time I start registering for more than just one per year. I’ve really loved the RnR races so I decided to stick with the series and registered for... [...more]


Beau Biden Memorial 5k
The race started and I was in high spirits. Vice President Joe Biden surprised the crowd, walking out during the pre-race announcements to say a few words and had teared up a bit during his opening remarks. My adrenaline was pumping as I crossed the starting line and the first mile blew by. I wasn’t listening to music and I try not to glance at my watch during races but I couldn’t believe how fast the first mile marker had come up. Similarly, as I passed by the 2nd marker, I became more suspicious about [...more]