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Summer Hiatus

August 9, 2017

Alright so first things first, I suppose an apology is in order. I got in such a good rhythm of posting at least once a week but recently I caught a wild case of summer fever. I’ve taken a few vacations, I’ve gone camping a couple of times, work is starting to pick up a bit as the first day of classes approaches, and I let things slide the last couple of weeks. So sorry for leaving you all in the dark but hopefully you’ve been enjoying the season as much as I have!

Despite not keeping up with blog updates, I’ve been keeping up pretty well with race training so far which is something I’ve been less than mediocre at for my last few races. As I mentioned in one of my last posts, I’m using one of my favorite Hal Higdon race training plans to kick off this year’s race season and so far so good! I’m in the middle of week 5(ish) and have done a good job keeping up with all of the runs. I did miss one long run on one of my camping trips but it hasn’t been too much of a setback, I just moved a few future runs around so I don’t fall behind. I keep it in a spreadsheet so that I can alter it as needed.

For this fall, I’m trying two new methods to help me keep track of my running. First, I drafted my own spreadsheets to fill in with my training plan. The reason I did that is that I know my schedule changes week to week and that has often led to me skipping runs in the past. To combat this tendency, I revisit my new spreadsheet plan at the start of every week to see when I’ve got to run. Then I’ll look at my personal and work calendar and schedule the runs when I know I’m free. If I know Wednesday is going to be a crazy day, I’ll move my runs around to accommodate my schedule without skipping a workout. So far it’s been REALLY helpful.

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The next thing I did was FINALLY create some kind of run log. I’ve never gotten into the habit of logging my runs except by just tracking them digitally with an app like Strava. Since I already had the training plan spreadsheet, I figured it would be pretty simple to just modify it into a run log so that’s what I did. I have my training plan with my proposed weekly schedule and then my run log to copy down what I’m actually able to accomplish. I’m still not great at remembering to jot down notes after a run but I’m learning! It has been really helpful to compare it to my training plan at the end of every week though so that I can adjust for future weeks.

While writing this I had planned to add the files for my log and training plan to the article so you could download them if you wanted but I’m realizing now they’re saved on my work computer. If you’d like a copy of them though, just shoot me an email at and I’ll send them over. Otherwise, check back next week and I’ll have them posted here!

Camping on Lake George

So training is going great and I can’t wait for my races this fall. I’ve been pretty casual with my running this year so I can’t wait just to race again! If you’re curious what races I’m training for, here’s my upcoming calendar!

September 24 - Rock ‘n’ Roll Montreal Half Marathon - Montreal, Canada
October 15 - Run Inspired 10k - Winterthur, DE (MY FIRST 10K)!
October 29 - TBA (I have a race in mind but haven’t finalized registration)
November 12 - Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon - Las Vegas, NV

So that’s what I’ve got on my calendar so far! If you’re interested in joining me for one of these AMAZING races, I’ve got discount codes for a few of them!

Rock ‘n’ Roll Montreal - Use code “BIBRAVE15” for $15 off registration (valid until 9/17)
Run Inspired 10k - Use code “BibRave” to save 10% on your race entry
Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas - Use code “BIBRAVE15” for $15 off registration (valid until 11/5)

You can find all of these and WAY MORE discounts on my Race Discounts Page!

New Summer Hobby

Although I’ve been consistent and strong with my running goals, I’ve definitely become a bit complacent with my beer tasting. I got comfortable with a routine that involves the same three things each week. I cycle through the beer at Oyster Bay Brewing Co., BrewSA Brewing Co., and whatever’s in my fridge when I’m home (usually Founders All Day IPA leftover from a camping trip or something from Montauk). Now, this is nothing against those breweries, I just realized this week I haven’t ventured out of my own little beer bubble in quite a while.

When I first started I RUN ON BEER, one of the ideas I’d toyed around with was putting together training plans that incorporate beer tasting as a reward for a successful week of training. That way, you could be training for a race while also learning more about a particular style or type of beer. Although I haven’t put anything formal together yet, I think it’s about time I gave that a shot so it’s going to be my goal to try something new and hopefully unique at the end of each week that pairs with my race training. This is brand new so I’m sure it will continue to take shape in the coming weeks but I’m hoping to update you each week on what I tried so wish me luck!

So that’s it for me, it feels good to be back! Let me know in the comments what races you’re currently training for and what new beers you’ve tried this summer!


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  1. Interesting….your first 10K (a race I’m used to) takes place in mid-October. My first half marathon (a race you are used to) takes place in late September. We will have to compare notes.

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