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10 Best Instagram Accounts

For Runners

     If you read my 2018 New Years Resolutions post then you know that I doubled my mileage goal from 2017 and am aiming to hit at least 730 miles this year (an average of 2 miles per day). I'm also in the middle of training for my first marathon and hoping to set a new half marathon PR in the fall. For me, that's going to mean a lot more running than I'm used to but I'm up for the challenge.

     If you're like me and set a new running goal for 2018, I thought I'd give you some added motivation to help you get out the door. Especially as we're in the midst of bitter temperatures across the country, I know it can be hard finding the willpower to go for a run. If you're also like me and tend to procrastinate before a workout by scrolling through social media, I thought I'd share some of my favorite Instagram runners in hopes that they'll encourage you as much as they encourage me when I'm struggling to motivate myself.

10. Courtney Dauwalter

     Courtney would be rated much higher but isn't all that active on Instagram. I first heard about Courtney after the MOAB 240 which she won by 10 freaking hours! If you haven't heard her story, I'd definitely recommend checking out her chat with Joe Rogan on JRE episode #1027.

9. Meb Keflezighi

    When Meb won the Boston Marathon in 2014, I had just started getting back into running and taking my training more seriously so he became a bit of an idol to me. For a while, I even had a printout of him crossing the finish line on Boylston taped to my bathroom mirror. He's just such a phenomenal ambassador for the sport, I had to save a spot for him on the list.


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8. Shalane Flanagan

    Perhaps another not so surprising pick for obvious reasons, Shalane is simply incredible. Shalane is one of the most influential runners out there, if not the most influential runner right now. Not only is she an amazing athlete, but she's actively working to raise up other runners along the way. After her win in New York, I can't wait to follow along on her journey to Boston in 2018!

7. Carlos the Runner

    I actually heard about @CarlosTheRunner from my friends over at @WeRunOnBeer. Carlos is a fantastic representation of the lighthearted and fun side of the running scene. If you've never seen one of his "dinorunfies" you're missing out. His profile is always good for a midweek pick-me-up to remind you that runners need to have fun too.

6. Dirtbag Runners

    Living on Long Island, I spend most of my training running through neighborhoods down busy streets and I've begun to romanticize the idea of an isolated run through the wilderness. @DirtbagRunners definitely provides me with enough content to keep the dream alive that one day I'll get out there. The views from their runs are simply incredible.

5. Run with the Flow

    An apt alias for Florian Neuschwander, a Red Bull-sponsored ultrarunner. Considering Red Bull tends to focus on more extreme athletes, you can imagine that Florian is a bit of a wild man. @RunWithTheFlow is all about putting everything he's got into every run, something I think we can all identify with.


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4. CarleeMcDot

    Carlee is another great example of someone who's able to keep things fun on every run. She's a beast when it comes to running but you'll rarely see a photo of her where she isn't showcasing her ear-to-ear grin. If you're ever in a bit of a training slump, a scroll through Carlee's feed is sure to help you put a smile on during your next run.

3. The Runner Beans

    Kicking off my top 3, I first found @TheRunnerBeans through her blog. I enjoy her account because I think she gives a pretty honest look at the life of a runner. She's relatable and honest about her goals but doesn't take things too seriously. As she describes, she's trying to "pace the way to healthy, without missing out on any of the fun."

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2. BibRave

    Of course, Bib Rave had to make my list because of the impact they've had on my running since last year. Bib Rave showcases so many members of the running community, especially if you follow along with the #BibChat feed. They've created a community of mutual motivation and support which is why I've listed them so highly on my list.

1. Cameron Hanes

    Coming in at number one is Cameron Hanes. If you're not familiar with him, he's a professional bow hunter who turned to ultrarunning as a way to help himself train for the brutal treks he goes on during hunting season. His account is the reason I'm able to get out and run when everything seems to be stacked against me. No matter what the excuse may be, I can't help but hear the wise words of Cam Hanes echo in my head. "Nobody cares, work harder." Some might consider Cam Hanes to be a bit of a lunatic the way he trains but I don't think I've ever heard of anyone with a more impressive work ethic.

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So there you have it, my list of the 10 best Instagram accounts for runners. Are there any that I missed? Let me know your favorites in the comments below!

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