Home Brewing


Barefoot Firewalker IPA

So a guy walks into a bar…
The start to a countless number of cheesy jokes, and also how the idea for Barefoot Firewalker IPA came to fruition. The bar was Barefoot Peddler (hence the name), and Janessa and I had stopped there for a drink after work earlier this year. We ordered our drinks, and a pretzel to snack on, and when everything came out, the guy sitting next to us motioned to the bartender and told him to bring us the “special mustard.” We were intrigued and a bit nervous when the he retrieved a small unmarked jar from beneath the bar. The stranger went on to explain that he grows his own hot peppers, and makes his own mustard which he keeps at the bar for when he visits. This led to a conversation about various homemade goods and hobbies we had, and I mentioned my homebrew hobby[...more]