I started running in high school, found craft beer in college, and began home brewing in grad school. As a runner, I’ve almost always preferred to run with a group of friends, and our group runs would almost always inevitably end at a local bar or brewery. Both running and beer have served as social outlets for me and have been excellent opportunities to strengthen friendships or create new ones.



Amateur runner - amateur cook - professional beer and food consumer. When I moved to NY last year, I found myself alone in my apartment hungry and in serious need of some hobbies. Thank goodness I found craft beer and cook books. I've been attempting to pair these two passions on one plate ever since. Dinners, desserts, sauces to dunk in - they can all be brewed and I am desperate to do it!

Born and raised in Miami, Florida. FSU and LSU grad (Geaux ‘Noles). I can find an appreciation for just about any sport. As everyone else does in their mid-twenties, I regularly sign up for 5ks, drink craft beers, and post about it on social media. Amateur at life, spend my free time staying active, enhancing my commitment to wellness, and getting through the entire Netflix library. I pretend to know business stuff and live by fake it till you make it.

Eric Shapiro


I played sports through high school and very casually ran as a means to stay in shape. But after graduating from college I randomly signed up for a 5k and haven’t looked back since. My new preference is trail running, which also allows an outlet for another one of my passions, the outdoors. Running for me is now a way to be active, social, and competitive. And the more running I do the less guilty I feel about my craft beer obsession!