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Training Update

February 5, 2018

     This was a big week for me in training because my long run was the first time I've ever run farther than 13.1 miles. I've been looking forward to this point since I started marathon training and I must admit, I was feeling a bit anxious leading up to the run. I ran 12 miles just a couple of weeks ago so I knew I could manage 14, I think the nerves had come mostly from knowing that this is the point where virtually all of my long runs will be farther than I've run before.

     I'd also taken some time off towards the end of the week to try to let my foot heal a bit, I can't seem to fully recover from whatever is going on. I skipped Thursday's run and pushed my long run from Saturday to Sunday to give my foot a rest which definitely helped but pounding the pavement for 14 more miles yesterday has me hobbling a bit this morning.

Monday, January 29 - Rest
     I didn't have any miles scheduled for Monday but I did manage a quick strength routine that I think has become my new favorite. I'm a big fan of keeping it simple and this bodyweight routine was perfect to run through at the end of the day.

Tuesday, January 30 - Planned 4 Mile Run
Ran 4.03 miles in 34:38 at an 8:36 pace
     I was excited to run on Tuesday because I was testing out my new pair of New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v4s. It was a great first run, and I can definitely feel the difference in the cushioning between these and my Newton Fates. The Zantes definitely have a softer landing but the sole is thin enough that you can still feel the ground as you're running. Can't wait to keep logging miles with these.

Wednesday, January 31 - Planned 7 Mile Run
Ran 7.02 miles in 1:01:54 at an 8:49 pace.
     My weekly mileage bumped up this week and I was in a bit of a rush on Wednesday to get my 7 miles in before our weekly pub trivia. I was feeling pretty stressed and rushed trying to get out the door but felt awesome once I was out on the run. I kept a smooth and relaxed pace throughout.

Thursday, February 1 - Planned 3 Miles
     The pain in right foot was getting pretty bad this week so I took Thursday off to focus on stretching, icing, and resting my foot. I did still work on core strength and did some yoga but didn't log any miles.

Friday, February 2 - Rest
     Ice, ice, and more ice. I've been wrapping my foot in ice pretty much any chance I get and keeping it elevated whenever I'm at home. By the end of the day Friday my foot was actually feeling pretty good and I could walk on it with little or no discomfort.

Saturday, February 3 - Planned 14 Miles
     My foot was feeling better but I wanted to give myself as much time as I could to recover so I pushed my long run to Sunday and used Saturday as another rest day. I've been looking forward to crossing the 13.1-mile threshold since training started and I wanted to make sure no aches or pains got in the way.

Sunday, February 4 - 60 Minute Cross Train
Ran 14.03 miles in 2:05:01 at an 8:55 pace.
     Sunday came and it was time for my 14-miler. I took plenty of time on Saturday to check the weather and plan out what I would wear so I could get up and out the door as quickly as possible. My alarm went off at 7 and after a quick breakfast and cup of coffee, I was out the door just before 8. I'm in the process of nailing down my fueling strategy for the marathon and decided to try out Honey Stinger Energy Gel.

     I started out the run nice and slow keeping my pace just over a 9-minute mile. This is much closer to what I've been expecting so although it's slower than most of my runs have been, I think it will be MUCH more sustainable throughout my higher mileage runs. I've gotten in the habit of walking 20 or so feet after every mile to grab a sip of Nuun Hydration so I was happy that even with these brief walk breaks I kept my overall pace under a 9-minute mile. I was also using a Honey Stinger Gel every 5 miles.

      February was off to a rocky start missing my first run of the month but I'm definitely erring on the side of caution with whatever is going on in my foot. Moving forward, I think if I'm icing strategically, I can manage the pain and maybe take an extra rest day or two every few weeks to focus on recovery.

     After yesterday's run, I took an 8-minute ice bath and continued icing my foot throughout the day which helped, although jumping around celebrating the Eagles winning their first super bowl probably didn't do me any favors. It was tender to walk on this morning but after I was up and moving around the pain subsided pretty significantly.

     I'm only 2 days away from being able to enjoy beer again and am definitely excited about working in some post-run rewards throughout the rest of training. Although I'm excited to reunite with my favorite beverage, Dry January definitely taught me how much of an impact beer has on my sleep which I definitely think will impact how I spend my Friday nights moving forward, especially before my long runs!


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