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Training Update

January 15, 2018

     This past week I wrote a post about welcoming the struggle that accompanies running and learning how to embrace it. It's always easy to skip a run or a workout but, having never run a marathon before, I'm fully aware of the importance of logging every mile in training. Apart from just getting in the miles, this is the first time I'm putting a focus on strength and flexibility training as well to (hopefully) help with injury prevention and recovery in between runs.

     So far after week 4 of training, I'm definitely feeling the familiar aches and pains that accompany a spike in mileage but nothing I can't manage. I've learned to love the ice bath for my feet but think I may start incorporating a full ice bath for my legs starting this Sunday. We'll see if I actually go through with it. Sober January is going great but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't already looking forward to that first cold beer on February 7! Until then, here's my week 4 training update.

Monday, January 8 - Strength Training
     I attempted a circuit workout I saw on fellow BibRave Pro, Jenna's blog. It absolutely wrecked me but I felt great the next day! I'm still searching for the perfect strength routine.

Tuesday, January 9 - Planned 3 Miles
Ran 3.08 miles in 26:46 at an 8:41 pace
     My legs felt great on this run. I've been nursing some foot pain in the balls of my feet that doesn't bother me on my runs but starts to manifest afterward and is most noticeable in the mornings. I've been icing a lot and rolling out my feet on a tennis ball. In fact, I'm rolling them out as I write this now!

Wednesday, January 10 - Planned 6 Mile Run
Ran 6.62 miles in 56:13 at an 8:29 pace
     I often leave for a run without a planned route and then make it up as I go along. I usually just connect a few routes I'm familiar with but lately have been terrible at doing mental math on the fly. This Wednesday, that meant an extra 0.62 miles on my run, but nothing too serious.

Thursday, January 11 - Planned 3 Miles
Ran 3.03 miles in 25:40 at an 8:28 pace
     My run felt great but I think I need to consciously start slowing down my shorter runs. 8:30-8:40 is my goal race pace but I also need to worry a little more about recovery. I noticed on Thursday that I was pushing a little harder than I would have liked towards the end of the run but I had trouble easing off.

Friday, January 12 - Rest
     As a part of my goals for January I'm aiming to hit 2 yoga sessions per week so Monday morning I did a 25-minute YouTube yoga session to loosen up a bit. It was a little more strength based that I was hoping for but felt great nevertheless.

Saturday, January 13 - Planned 11 Miles
Ran 11.02 miles in 1:31:17 at an 8:33 pace
     It took me a little longer than I would have liked to get out the door, I definitely need to work on getting my runs in early. Once I was out though, I was good to go. This was my longest training run to date and the mileage is only increasing from here. I took quick walk breaks every mile to let my legs recover a bit so I was surprised I still managed such a solid pace. I'm participating in sober January and I think that throughout marathon training, I'm definitely going to try to abstain from alcohol on nights before long runs. I've just been sleeping so much better and feeling more energized in the mornings.

Sunday, January 14 - 60 Minute Cross Train
     As I mentioned last week, I really have a hard time convincing myself to cross-train. I'm not sure what it is, maybe because the goal is to complete a specific time instead of reach a certain distance? For whatever reason, I didn't make it to the gym to bike on Sunday but I did get through a 45-minute deep stretch yoga that felt amazing. I have to be careful putting stress on my hip flexors though, they're so tight.

     I feel amazing about week 4 of marathon training. 23.75 miles for the week which is pretty high for me considering I often miss one of my weekly runs. I'm still one strength training session behind my goal for January but I've got plenty of time to make that up before the end of the month. My biweekly yoga sessions are definitely helping to loosen up my legs as my mileage continues to climb.

     To celebrate my longest training run to date, I also treated myself to a new Camelbak Hydration Vest that I'm so excited to try out on my run next week. Now that my long runs have surpassed the 10-mile mark, I think I need to start finding a new route to run rather than just running loops around my town, maybe next week I'll try out a bike trail I've heard a lot about.

     I'm already noticing a benefit in these logs because they're forcing me to reflect on my weekly performance which is helping me to tweak plans for the future. 24 miles planned for week five. of training so let's hope it's as successful as week four!


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