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Training Update

January 29, 2018

     So I'm officially a third of the way through marathon training and feeling good! Week six was especially rewarding because it was a busy week at work which usually means a few slips in training. I did miss one of my weekly yoga sessions but was able to log every mile which I consider a win. I've noticed that I'm taking this training much more seriously than programs in the past, and trying much harder not to miss any runs. I think I owe that to the intimidation that surrounds running a new distance, especially a race that's twice as far as anything I've run in the past.

     I've become somewhat comfortable with the half-marathon distance so I recently haven't been as concerned with hitting all of my training runs. If I missed one here and there I wasn't at all worried because I knew what the race would be like. Having no experience with anything longer than 13.1 miles, I think the fear of the unknown is a major factor in my motivation during training. I still have some work to do on my "non-running" training, ie. stretching, strength training, recovery work, etc., so that will certainly continue to be a focus as we move into January.

Monday, January 22 - Rest
     I work on a college campus and the students came back on Monday. Needless to say, work was a bit hectic so I definitely appreciated a true rest day with nothing else planned.

Tuesday, January 23 - Planned 3 Mile Run
Ran 3.01mi in 25:28 at an 8:28 pace
     I was shaking off a few aches in my knees but nothing too bad. Everything seemed to wear off pretty early on in the run. I know I say this every week, but as the mileage climbs, I really need to focus on keeping a slower pace. I don't think I can maintain an 8:30 successfully at higher mileage. I also managed a short core routine that was a killer on my abs.

Wednesday, January 24 - Planned 6 Mile Run
Ran 6.06 miles in 49:27 at an 8:09 pace
     Wednesday was a perfect example of needing to ease up on the pace. Overall the run felt good but I need to be more concerned about mileage than time. My fear is that pushing the pace will lead to burnout when I'm at the peak of my training program. We'll see how week 7 goes.

Thursday, January 25 - Planned 3 Miles
Ran 3.03 miles in 25:19 at an 8:21 pace
     The pain in my lower feet was coming back at the tail end of the week and I think I've self-diagnosed metatarsalgia. I'll continue to ice, roll, stretch, and strengthen my feet. I also bought myself a new pair of shoes so hopefully, that may help ease the burden on the balls of my feet. I also did some balance yoga on Thursday night to hopefully help stretch but also strengthen some of the support muscles in my legs.

Friday, January 26 - Rest
     Once again, Friday was a true rest day. It was also movie night at home so no workout planned, just a relaxing night at home watching The Big Sick.

Saturday, January 27 - Planned 9 Miles
Ran 9.01 miles in 1:18:23 at an 8:42 pace
     I ventured back to my new long run spot along the bike trails that I tried out last week. I'm honestly a huge fan of this route. Again my foot was tender but didn't seem to impact my running. Since I'm now driving to my run on Saturday mornings, I need to make sure I'm laying everything out the night before, it took me longer than I would have liked to get out the door Saturday morning. Otherwise, the run was great! I felt a little slower at the start so I might consider some kind of dynamic warmup before next weeks run.

Sunday, January 28 - 60 Minute Cross Train
     If you've been following my training updates, I'm sure you can guess whether or not I completed my cross training this week... Of course not! I've made it through 6 weeks so far of training and haven't managed to complete any kind of cross-training, I might have to make that a more serious goal in February.

     With January winding down, it's shaping up to be my highest mileage month to date by a longshot. Marathon training is definitely going to be a HUGE help early on towards reaching my goal of 730 miles for the year. I did pretty well with my goals for January but haven't put as much thought into goals for February. I certainly think cross-training will have to be on there but I've got a few days left to figure out the rest.

     How have your resolutions been going throughout the first month of 2018? Are you training for an upcoming race? They say sharing your goals holds you more accountable so let me know what you're working towards in the comments below!


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